WRONG: Biden Claims American Economy Worse Off Than Japan And Europe

(ThePatriotSource.com)- Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden lied on Friday during another teleprompter speech, suggesting that the American economy is being held back by President Donald Trump’s “mismanagement” of the pandemic.

Biden also falsely claimed that the American economy is struggling when compared to other major industrial countries in Asia and Europe. He claimed that American unemployment “is still more than double, while other nations have only gone up by half,” and claimed that President Trump “botched the COVID response” and “botched it badly.”

But a fact check of the claim proves it to be entirely false. Because the media overwhelmingly supports the Democrats and Joe Biden, no mainstream fact check covered it – but conservative outlet Breitbart did.

On Monday, Breitbart labeled Biden’s claims “false” and provided a wealth of evidence to prove it.

The United States economy shrank in the second quarter of 2020 “by less than most other major industrial countries in Europe” and was “not much worse than that of Japan.”

Data shows that the Eurozone economy shrank by 12.1 percent, the European Union economy generally shrank by some 11.9%, Japan’s economy shrank by 7.8% and France’s economy shrank by 13.8%. Spain and the United Kingdom were hit particularly hard, with their economies shrinking by 18.5% and 20.4% respectively.

Comparing this data to the second quarter of 2019, the difference between the American economy’s bounce and recoveries in Europe is stark. The United States GDP was 9.5% smaller than last year, by Spain’s GDP shrank by 22.1% and the UK’s GDP shrank by 21.7%.

So Biden’s claim, therefore, is false. You wouldn’t expect much different from him, though. This election is a matter of pride for the Democrats who would rather side with violent left-wing radicals who are burning down cities in the name of “racial justice” than admit that President Donald Trump was right all along.

Biden has repeatedly made misleading statements during his speeches, only for mainstream fact-checkers not to acknowledge it. This week, he claimed that President Donald Trump is the “only one who wants to defund the police.”

Can you believe the gall?

In reality, President Donald Trump is vowing to maintain funding for the police and even increase it in some areas. In Kenosha, Wisconsin, President Trump committed more than $40 million in federal funds to help the city rebuild and even hire more police officers.

How many more lies will Biden tell in the next eight weeks before election day?