Woman Arrested After Licking Thousands of Dollars’ Worth of Grocery Store Goods

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- You’ve heard about the man arrested for coughing on vegetables, you’ve read about the other guy who purposely coughed on a gas pump handle, and now it’s time to read about the woman who coughed on $1,800 worth of items in a grocery store.

Why can’t people just behave like civilized human beings during the pandemic?

The incident took place in the Safeway grocery store in South Lake Tahoe, according to Fox News. It was reported that employees in the store called the police after witnessing the woman picking up several pieces of jewelry and licking them, before filling her shopping cart with almost $2,000 worth of goods.

The women then proceeded to lick everything in her cart, before deciding she didn’t want to pay for them. However, the goods in the cart could no longer be sold as they may have been contaminated with the Chinese coronavirus.

Jennifer Walker, the 53-year-old suspect, was arrested when officers arrived at the scene. Walker was arrested for felony vandalism after they learned she was unable to pay for all the goods she had put in the cart. Walker was taken to El Dorado County Jail with a bail of $10,000.

Arrests like this are happening surprisingly frequently and few would argue that this is wrong, but across the country, people are being arrested for failing to abide by social distancing guidelines.

Instead of coughing and spitting on people, some just seem to think the rules don’t apply to them. Police in New Jersey were forced to break up several house parties recently, including one in Penns Grove last weekend. Attendees at the party posted videos of themselves having fun on social media, resulting in the host, Jacquon Jones, being arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.