WEIRD: Kristin Chenoweth Sings “Don’t Be Hidin’ Out” At Biden Fundraiser

( Well, this is weird. For months now, Republicans have (legitimately) criticized presumptive Democratic presidential nominee for hiding in his basement – and the Democrats seem to agree. Even high-profile Biden supporters who are actively campaigning for his election.

Theater actress Kristin Chenoweth was recently seen in a virtual fundraising event for Joe Biden signing “Don’t be hidin’ out, bring Joe Biden out,” without realizing why that might be a problem. The event took place on Sunday, and whether Chenoweth realizes it or not, it confirms everything the Republicans have been saying about Biden for months.

He’s hiding!

The Trump War Room tweeted a video of Chenoweth singing and added that Biden failed to show up to the event too. So not only did Chenoweth admit Biden was hiding…he hid from her.

Where is Joe Biden?

Democrats seem very aware that Joe Biden is hiding away from scrutiny. Robe Delaney, a very public support of Senator Bernie Sanders, admitted in March that Biden was hiding for “very obvious reasons” and that he believes President Donald Trump will “waltz” through the November election if Biden becomes the nominee.

The polls might suggest otherwise, but commonsense seems to suggest that it isn’t good for Joe Biden to be hiding away from the public at every turn while President Trump is out there signing executive orders to reduce drug costs and pushing through the COVID-19 vaccine.

How does Biden expect to win when he’s hiding, and his own supporters see it as a problem too?