Washington Post Makes Snide Dig at Trump Family When Reporting Death Of President’s Brother

(ThePatriotSource.com)- The Washington Post, one of the most left-wing newspapers in the country, couldn’t help but make a snide dig about the Trump family while reporting o the tragic loss of President Donald Trump’s brother, Robert Trump. The Post used the death of the president’s 72-year-old brother last week to bring up a news story relating to the president’s niece, Mary Trump, and the allegations she made against him.

In an obituary for Robert Trump, the Post reported on gossip, hearsay, and stories about how Robert and Donald may have had a dispute ten years ago. The Daily Wire slammed the piece as unfair and biased and reported how the obituary went into great detail about a book published by Mary Trump that Robert Trump filed a lawsuit over.

The bias is evident in the headline alone.

“Robert Trump, younger brother of President Trump who filed a lawsuit against niece, dies at 71,” it reads.

Not only does the headline get his age wrong (Robert Trump was 72 when he passed away), but it brings up a story that is completely unrelated to his death, and attempts to do so in a way that portrays him in a negative light. The headline also seems to suggest that the Trump family directly sued Robert’s daughter Mary, when it was actually a dispute over the publication of a book.

When Mary chose to publish the tell-all book, which makes many accusations presented without evidence, Robert Trump told the media that he and the rest of his family are “so proud” of his “wonderful brother.” He also said that the actions of Mary Trump were “truly a disgrace.”

The obituary was so heavily focused on trying to make the president look bad, in just the second paragraph it included a section from Mary Trump’s book that refers to the president’s as the “world’s most dangerous man.”

“Donald had discovered early on how easy it was to get under Robert’s pale skin and push him past his limits; it was a game he never tired of playing,” the book reads, and the obituary quotes.

The obituary goes on to talk about a family dispute relating to inheritance and did little to remember Robert Trump as a good man…which is typically what obituaries are for.

It’s clearer than ever what the media thinks about the president and his family, isn’t it?