Was Bloomberg’s $18 Million DNC Donation Illegal? This Super PAC Thinks So

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- Former Democratic presidential candidate and mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, is in legal trouble. A pro-Trump super PAC is taking a stand against Bloomberg, telling the Federal Election Commission that a recent donation to the Democratic Party was illegal. The official complaint means an investigation is likely to take place.

The massive $18 million donation given to the Democratic National Committee by Blomberg, according to the March 26 complaint by Great America PAC, was an attempt to circumvent contribution limits put in place. If this is true, then Bloomberg violated campaign finance rules, and therefore, the law.

The FEC is currently reviewing the complaint and will decide soon if it warrants an investigation.

Great America PAC treasurer Dan Backer released a statement on Monday, claiming Bloomberg is attempting to buy the election.

“Having failed to buy his party’s nomination, Bloomberg is doing the next best thing and buying the Democratic Party itself,” Backer said. “If the Federal Election Commission allows Michael Bloomberg to get away with this illegal transfer, they’ll have sold off our democracy to a billionaire oligarch.”

For all the Democrats’ talk about how Trump’s wealth makes him a terrible leader, the Democrats don’t seem to care when a billionaire throws some money their way.

Conservative news website, The Daily Caller, obtained a copy of the complaint and reports that it focuses on Bloomberg’s decision to pay for his presidential run out of his own pocket. According to the super PAC, such an unusual setup (something even President Trump didn’t do) muddies the waters between personal finances and campaign money.

Under current federal guidelines, an individual is only allowed to donate $355,000 per year. However, Bloomberg may have taken advantage of a loophole in campaign finance laws that allow presidential candidates to donate as much money to party committees as they like.

Xochitl Hinojosa, the communications director for the Democratic Party, tweeted last month about the large donation.

“Bloomberg was in earnest running for POTUS & transferred money to his campaign ahead of trying to win on Super Tuesday,” she said. “Didn’t win. He, like any other candidate, can transfer that $ to party cmte.”

The argument suggests that Bloomberg genuinely intended to use the money for his campaign but chose to give it to the party when it became clear he couldn’t win. It would be a great way of funnelling millions into a campaign against his arch-nemesis President Trump, though, wouldn’t it?