VIDEO: BLM Extremists Attack Rand Paul, Cops, After RNC Speech

( Violent Black Lives Matter extremists physically attacked Senator Rand Paul, his companions, and police officers as they left the White House Event held on the final night of the Republican National Convention. Video footage shows extremists pushing and trying to hurt Rand Paul, as well as grappling with police officers and security surrounding the Republican lawmaker.

Left-wing extremists also attempted to assault women in Rand Paul’s company as they tried to safely leave after attending President Donald Trump’s RNC speech. Paul had been on the South Lawn of the White House watching the president accept the GOP nomination, and witnessing an incredible fireworks show.

Other footage shows particularly violent clashes between far-left extremists and police officers in Washington, D.C., on the same night.

Senator Rand Paul stayed silent, and at one point stood for several minutes wearing a mask and waiting for the protesters to give up and leave. But they didn’t. They stuck around, shouting and physically assaulting people around them, holding disingenuous signs that read “Stop Killing Us” and “Good Trouble,” whatever that means.

Then, they started trying to shame Rand Paul into saying the name of a woman who was shot by police officers when her boyfriend shot at the officers through his front door.

“It’s Rand Paul, and he won’t say Breonna Taylor’s name!” one person said. “You can’t acknowledge Breonna Taylor ever existed” That’s disgusting!” another one said.

He can’t acknowledge she existed? What?

Rand Paul acknowledged the incident on Twitter, describing how he was attacked by an angry mob of more than 100 people just one block from the White House.

He thanks Washington, D.C. police officers for saving their lives from a crazed mob. And if you think he’s exaggerating, just look at the people who have been violently beaten and even killed during far-left riots in Seattle, Portland, and beyond.

When will Joe Biden condemn BLM and Antifa?