VIDEO: Biden Struggles Through Rare Campaign Speech

( If you thought the media wasn’t covering many of presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s speeches, you’re wrong – he just hasn’t been holding any. The former vice president, who has spent most of his time in a custom-built studio in the basement of his Delaware home, recently gave a rare campaign speech to a tiny group of reporters and local lawmakers in Darby, Pennsylvania.

This was a far cry from a normal rally, and while the party used the coronavirus as an excuse for the small attendance, another likely explanation is that Biden’s team was concerned about his inability to perform in front of large crowds.

Watching the video, you can see why. Biden fluctuated wildly in volume, sometimes slurring his words and appearing to have difficulty reading the words on his teleprompter. Slowly, Biden managed to reach the end of his speech and powering through a few final anti-Trump attacks.

“I’m ready on day one,” he said, “After more than three years in office, why isn’t Donald Trump ready?”

Biden did not provide any evidence that President Donald Trump was not ready. He also appeared to dismiss the fact that the president assembled the White House Coronavirus Task Force on the same day that the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, and that he closed the borders with China earlier than other nations. At the time President Trump closed the borders to China to restrict the spread of the virus, Biden was calling the move xenophobic.

“Mr. President…wake up,” Biden muttered. “Get to work. There’s so much more to be done.”

Biden did not elaborate on what he thinks needs to be done.

Former Vice President Biden appeared behind a placard that read, “REOPEN RIGHT” and “SAFER AND STRONGER.”

You might have expected Biden to take questions, after more than 77 days of not holding a press conference…but he didn’t. While local journalists appeared itching to ask the presumptive presidential nominee for the Democrats a question or too, Biden just stared blankly into the tiny crowd before walking away.

Why is Joe Biden still refusing to take questions from the press?