Tulsi Gabbard Tells Biden To Bring American Troops Home

(ThePatriotSource)_ Tulsi Gabbard may not be a member of Congress any more, and she may have been hated by establishment Democrats, but she hasn’t left politics…and she’s joining in the fight against Big Tech.

The controversial Democrat, who sides with Republicans on some key issues, appeared on Fox News again recently to talk about the huge presence of troops in Washington, D.C., during the inauguration of President Joe Biden on January 20.

“Watter’s World” host Jesse Watters asked Gabbard, a member of the United States Army Reserves, if she thought the military needed to be present in D.C. in such huge numbers. And she said they didn’t.

“It made me so angry to see all of these different images coming from National Guard soldiers really posting the reality of the situation that they were in, being shoved into a parking garage that’s freezing cold, all strewn about, lying on the ground, really being discarded as if they didn’t matter,” Gabbard said.

The former presidential candidate was referenci8ng the shocking news that Congressional Democrats kicked thousands of members of the National Guard out of Congress and forced them to sleep and rest on a cold concrete floor in an empty car park.

“National Guard soldiers, some of whom I’ve served with, 200 came from Hawaii, went to Washington DC, answered the call to serve like everybody else,” Gabbard added.

She said that the militarization of the nation’s capital was “not only unnecessary” but sent a message to the world that the nation’s capital was under a threat of siege. When it wasn’t.

Gabbard called 25,000 national troops deployed to D.C. “outrageous,” and said that she has seen politicians use members of the military in the past.

“Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen as well in some of my deployments,” she said. “I’ve seen it too many times where we have troops deployed, lives on the line, in danger, and then politicians drop in for a few hours, take a picture, smile, shake a few hands.”

Remember the joy in the faces of the military when President Donald Trump would turn up?

Given how troops behaved on inauguration day, it’s unlikely that Joe Biden will receive the same welcome.

Footage from the day showed members of the National Guard turning their back on the newly-inaugurated president as his motorcade drove past.