Trump Will PROSECUTE Those Who Vandalize Catholic Statues and Churches

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( President Donald Trump is taking a stand against violent extremists who have burned down buildings in recent weeks. According to a White House official, the president is looking at taking new measures to prosecute those who engage in violent and destructive activity in the name of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and will also be prosecuting “sacrilegious acts” of vandalism against Catholic statues and churches.

The Daily Caller reported that a White House official said the criminals who carry out these acts of vandalism and destruction will face prosecution “to the fullest extent of the law.” The comments came from an unnamed official who said that the president stands in solidarity with the Catholic community during a recent wave of vandalism that included the desecration of various statues and even the burning down of churches.

“Rest assured, President Trump will always demand law and order in American communities, and ensure the criminals causing these sacrilegious acts will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” the official said.

The destruction of Catholic statues came shortly after far-left activist Shaun King called on statues of Jesus to be removed. King, who presents himself as a black man but whose family insists he is 100% white European, said that stained glass windows, artworks, and statues that depict Jesus as having white skin should be removed. This was back on June 22, and since then, there has been a wave of vandalism against religious statues.

On July 11, the St. Gabriel Mission church was badly damaged as a result of a fire, following the desecration of the St. Gabriel statue in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The church was founded by St. Junipero Serra two and a half centuries ago, making it one of the oldest churches in the United States.

Is nothing sacred?

The Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Florida was also damaged when a deranged young man drove his vehicle into the building and then set it on fire.

In Boston, a Virgin Mary statue was also damaged on July 11 after a still-unknown vandal set the plastic flowers being held by the statue on fire.