Trump Wants SECOND Coronavirus Task Force Focused on REOPENING U.S. Economy!

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- As soon as the World Health Organization declared the Chinese coronavirus a global pandemic, President Donald Trump took decisive action and organized a White House Coronavirus Task Force. Setting up an advisory board with the best experts in the country, the president set about creating policy and working with state governors based on the best scientific advice available.

Now, the president put his support behind setting up a second Coronavirus Task Force that would focus on how to reopen the economy without putting Americans at greater risk.

Fox News anchor Dana Perino suggested on Twitter that a second force should be assembled to look at how to reopen the economy.

“I think we need a 2nd task force assembled at direction of POTUS to look ahead of reopening the economy,” she wrote. “Made up of a nonpartisan/bipartisan mix of experts across industry sectors, so that we have their recommendations & plan – let 1st taskforce focus on crisis at the moment.”

The president, throwing his weight behind the idea, wrote “Good idea Dana!”

Could this be the first time a news anchor came up with an idea that the president quickly took on board? Or could President Trump have already been planning something similar?

The president expanded on his support for the idea during his daily press briefing on Saturday.

“Thinking about it, getting a group of people and we have to open our country,” the president said. “You know, I had an expression, the cure can’t be worse than the problem itself. Right? I started by saying that and I continue to say it. The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. We got to get our country open.”

Last month, the president signaled his intention to reopen the U.S. economy in time for the Easter weekend but backed out of the plans when it became clear that the spread of the virus could cost too many lives. Since then, he has reaffirmed his commitment to reopening the economy as soon as possible.

Already, the social distancing rules put in place by the government have had a significant impact on the U.S. economy with record numbers of people applying for unemployment benefits. 6.6 million Americans have lost jobs and applied for government support already and that number is expected to continue growing the longer the virus forces the economy to remain stagnant.