Trump Jr. Says President’s Coronavirus Response Proves MAGA Platform Is 100% Correct

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- Donald Trump Jr. think he’s father is 100% right.
On the “Hannity” program Thursday, the oldest son of President Donald Trump said his dad’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has proven that the agenda he set out during his 2016 campaign was right all along. He said:
“If there’s one thing that coronavirus has taught us, [it’s] that Donald Trump and his agenda in 2016 when he [ran on] the MAGA agenda was 100% right. We do need to control our supply chains. We do need to have American manufacturing so the Chinese can’t do what they did.”
Trump Jr.’s comments come as the United States has been dealing with huge supply chain issues that range from medical masks and gloves to active ingredients that make up a majority of our medications. China controls much of the production of those materials, and Trump Jr. said it’s something the U.S. can’t afford to risk in the future.
In a wide-ranging interview, Trump Jr. also referred to Mexico’s closing of their border with the U.S. as a sign that his dad got immigration and other preventative measures correct as well, saying:
“Look how quick Mexico shut down the border to the U.S. when they said, ‘Hey, you know, guys, it can actually be done.’ So, if [there’s] one thing that this has shown us [it’s] that Donald Trump was right all along. Donald Trump is a guy that got it and saw that.”
Trump Jr. said the president will “make America great again” after the coronavirus pandemic is over and the country re-opens again.
“He’s also the guy that built the greatest economy America has ever known,” Trump Jr. said. “He’s the guy that can make America great again, again, once we get through this.”
In the 2016 election, Trump endeared himself to millions of American voters with his Make America Great Again slogan, and the policies on which his platform was built. He stressed putting America first in all regards — whether that be with trade deals, jobs, medicine, immigration or any other area.
Now, as the lead-up to the 2020 election is set to ramp up, it’s likely that Trump will stick to that messaging — both as a way to prove that he was right four years ago, and that he’s the right man to lead the country through the next four years.
When Trump ran four years ago, the country was on the back-end of a recession, and his message inspired people to get to the polls to vote for change. Now, Trump as president will have to inspire more people to back him as he looks to help the country emerge from yet another recession, albeit a much different one than before.
In his Thursday interview, Trump Jr. blasted the media’s coverage of his father’s handling of the coronavirus, and his presidency in general, as a way to open the eyes of potential voters. He said:
“It’s truly disgusting watching these same people who were literally outraged two months ago about the actions that he took and are literally the number one cause to prevent the spread coming into this country. Now, they’re outraged and they’re able to spin this revisionist history as though it’s fact. It’s a new low for the media, and they’ve got a lot of lows in the last four years.”