Trump Gives Students DUE PROCESS Protections Under New Guidelines That Replace Obama-Era Rules

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- President Donald Trump’s administration is taking action in left-wing universities, guaranteeing freedom of speech and due process for students. For almost ten years, college students have been subject to left-wing rules that infringe on their rights to free speech and which also impinge on due process when it comes to matters of accused sexual misconduct – but new Title IX guidelines put in place by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos have changed that.

The new guidelines reverse some of the efforts made by the Obama administration in 2011 to change the way sexual assault claims are handles. The rules meant that schools must make a decision on the quantity of evidence rather than reliability, to decide whether an accusation was true. Some years later, schools were discouraged to cross-examine individuals involved as it may cause emotional distress.

It meant that men accused of sexual assault, or women too, were unable to speak freely about what happened and were expelled from school even with a lack of evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accusation was honest.

It all came as part of the “believe all women” movement, which seems to have been ditched ever since the Democrats chose to believe Joe Biden over his accuser Tara Reade.

Under the new guidelines, schools are now required to inform students who have been accused of sexually assaulting someone that an allegation has been made. Students must also be informed about the exact details of the accusation, so they know that somebody has made a claim. Under the Obama rules, many universities didn’t even warn students that the accusation had been made until they were being removed from school.

The latest changes also mean that the single-investigator model that was praised under Obama has been removed. This means that one person can no longer investigate while also serving as the judge, jury, and executioner. It relies on a wider effort to determine whether an accusation is accurate.

It means that people who have been falsely accused will have greater protection, and those who make accusations get the investigations that their story deserves.

Leftists are naturally angry at the decision, with many slamming the fact that Betsy DeVos reached out to men who have been accused to find out what can be done better.

It’s funny how this makes them angry, but they’re all still believing Joe Biden over Tara Reade.