Trump DESTROYS Biden Lead In Arizona According To Historically Accurate Pollster

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( Polling organization Trafalgar Group released a new survey on Friday showing President Donald Trump overtaking Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the battleground state of Arizona. The polling group, which was the only organization to accurately predict President Donald Trump’s win on the final day of the 2016 election campaign, showed President Trump with a substantial four-point lead.

The survey asked 1,087 likely general election voters between October 6 and 7. Trafalgar Group polls are notoriously accurate owing to the fact that they only ask people who are likely to vote in the election rather than just people who are registered to vote. The polling organization also tends not to oversample Democrats as some others do.

President Trump leads in Arizona with 47.8% in support compared to Joe Biden’s 43.7%. With a margin of error of +/- 2.89%, President Trump is firmly in the lead.

Out of those asked, 4.6% are still undecided about how they will vote on the day, and 2.2% of respondents preferred to vote for the Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgensen.

Robert Cahaly, the chief pollster at Trafalgar Group, posted the results of the poll on Twitter with a statement showing how Real Clear Politics has described them as “One of the most accurate polling operations in America.”

It follows a survey that was also released by Latino Decisions, which showed President Trump and Joe Biden statistically tied in the state. President Trump had 45% to Biden’s 48%, within a margin of error of 4% – putting them head to head.

If the data is accurate, then it means the tide is turning for President Donald Trump. These polls were taken while President Trump was still undergoing treatment for COVID-19, but as of this October 9, the president is preparing to get back out on the campaign trail.

Could this be the upswing the president was hoping to see?