Trump Campaign Parade Gets 1,000,000+ Viewers In Personal Best

( Even after leaving the White House, former President Donald Trump pulls in huge crowds…online and offline.

On Presidents’ Day this year, President Joe Biden failed to make much of an impact, but former President Donald Trump was greeted with a crowd of at least 600 supporters in West Palm Beach, and roughly one million online viewers.

As the former president drove through West Palm Beach in a motorcade, giving a thumbs up to a crowd of patriotic Americans and Trump loyalists, huge numbers of people tuned in online to watch live coverage on the Right Side Broadcasting Network, an alternative news network that shares stories that CNN and MSNBC won’t.

Since then, the live coverage has gained even more views, with nearly 1.2 million views as of Tuesday night. That’s a big number, and one that feels even bigger when compared to the 100,000 views on the official White House YouTube account video from President Joe Biden.

The “Presidents’ Day Message From Joe Biden” proved so unpopular with viewers that comments had to be turned off. But it didn’t stop people from expressing their dislike of the new president with the “dislike button.”

As of Tuesday night, some 25,000 people had “disliked” the video and only 2,400 people “liked it.”

For perspective, 1.2 million views is 500 times more than 2,400 “likes.” It is 12 times more views than Joe Biden’s 100,000 on the official White House account.

President Joe Biden technically won 81,282,903 votes. That’s significantly more than Obama’s 2008 record of 69,498,516.

The massive difference in numbers between coverage of President Trump and President Biden on Presidents’ Day didn’t go unnoticed.

“What does that tell you? Trump isn’t going nowhere and our support only grows stronger,” one user said.

Another user broke down the numbers and asked, “But Sleepy Joe is the most popular president ever?”

A lot of Americans have a lot of questions right now.