Trump Administration Gives $11 Billion to States for COVID-19 Testing

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( On Monday, the White House confirmed plans to begin giving out $11 billion in funding to states to assist with ramping up testing. It is part of a nationwide effort to increase the number of people being tested for the virus every day to improve data and find out just how far the virus has spread.

A senior official from the White House told the media that almost nine million coronavirus tests have been completed so far, and that a further ten million tests will be completed by the end of this week.

“We’ve done a tremendous number and that number is accelerating even quicker,” the Trump admin source said.

The money, if you were wondering, will be taken out of the CARES Act funds that were approved in April as part of a cross-party effort to prepare the United States for the Chinese virus. It will allow the United States to stay on top of testing and continue issuing more tests than any other country in the world.

The Trump administration is coordinating testing efforts with governors and state officials all over the country, working to provide funding that meets individual states’ needs. States that are more densely populated and seeing more infections will receive more tests, and states with less of a problem will receive less. Ultimately, the aim is to make sure that every state in the country is fully equipped for the second phase of the reopening plan, which will see many businesses reopen and Americans go back to work.

While many governors have been on board with the plans, Democratic governors all over the country have regularly criticized the Trump administration for not increasing testing, despite the fact that the United States has issued more tests per capita than any other country by far.

The official who announced the news explained how Democratic governors who were once hostile to the president are now trying to take credit for the increase in testing.

“You’re noticing that a lot of the governors who have been a little hostile to the administration now all of a sudden they’re saying, ‘Oh we’re figuring out how to do testing,’” the official explained. “It’s not a miracle, it’s not that all of a sudden they’ve figured it out, it’s that we’ve held their hand, and we’ve helped them get the supplies they need, and we’ve explained to them how to do it, and so a lot of them are starting to take credit.”