Trump Admin Hints Saudi Arabia Could Be Set To Make Israel Peace Deal

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( President Donald Trump’s admin hinted on Friday that Saudi Arabia could be the third Arab nation this year to make a peace deal with Israel, marking a huge milestone for a president that Democrats claimed would start wars if he took office.

On the same day that the Kingdom of Bahrain announced the formalization of normal diplomatic relations with Israel, President Trump suggested that Saudi Arabia may come to an agreement with the Jewish state soon in a move that would help stabilize the Middle East.

Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and a senior White House advisor signaled to the press that other Arab nations would now follow suit following the implementation of some of the Trump administration’s Middle East Peace Deal that was announced in January.

On Friday, Bahrain became the second Arab nation to formalize a peace deal with Israel. It came after the United Arab Emirates did the same last month, in a deal which saw the establishment of a direct flight between Israel and the UAE, crossing through Saudi airspace.

When asked about the prospects of Saudi getting on board, Kushner went one step further and said that all Arab nations could follow suit.

“I do believe it’s an inevitability that all countries in the Middle East” will make peace deals. Kushner also said that he thinks the new peace agreement “was noticed by everyone in the region” particularly “how well the deal with Israel and UAE was received.”

Kushner told journalists in ap hone interview that Arab leaders now see that the approach taken in the past “hasn’t worked” and they realize that their people “want to see a more vibrant future.”

Remember when the Democrats said in 2016 that President Donald Trump would plunge the world into chaos and start wars? Not only did President Trump initiate peace talks with North Korea, which are ongoing, but he has also established peace deals in the Middle East and even formalized a deal between Kosovo and Serbia.

It’s no wonder that the president was nominated this week for a second Nobel Peace Prize.