Treasury Department Says “Virtually All White People Contribute to Racism”

( Even with President Donald Trump in charge, it’s hard to avoid far-left indoctrination in America’s institutions. Reports suggest that the United States Department of the Treasury have been pushing “anti-racism” training on white employees, arguing that “virtually all” white people are contributing to racism. The training goes as far as saying that a white person cannot object to comments made by a person of color if that person “responds to their oppression in a way you don’t like.”

If you’re thinking this sounds familiar, it is. This is rooted in Critical Race Theory and is the topic of the insane book “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo.

A whistleblower took the training materials being used on white employees at the Treasury Department and gave them to the Director of the Center of Wealth & Poverty. Christopher Rufo, who is also a journalist, then created a Twitter threat in which he described the contents of the training documents. He described the documents as “deeply disturbing” and an “affront to equality.”

The training document is entitled “Difficult Conversations About Race,” and it’s targeted specifically at white employees not just at the Treasury Department but also at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, National Credit Union Administration, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Federal Reserve.

Trainers pushing this project tell the government employees that white people white “struggle to own their racism” and accept that they have an “unconscious bias” and exhibit “white privilege and white fragility.”

How would you respond if your boss told you this?

Rufo said that the trainers recommend that white managers set up “safe spaces” and “listening sessions” at work where black employees can describe what it means to be black. The idea is to make sure white employees can understand their pain as if white employees don’t have their own pain and problems.

The program is so racist against white people that it even claims that white people have “fairly consistent narratives about race.”

They do? Perhaps it’s the narrative that all lives matter. But apparently, that’s not right any more.

Check out the thread and you’ll see just how insane it is. Another section even asked white people to think about who their closest friends are and consider what their friends’ races are.

Can you believe this stuff? This is what government workers have to suffer through…or face getting fired!