TOP LAWYER: Trump Will WIN Lawsuit In Pennsylvania…Could He Still Win?

( Alan Dershowitz, the famous attorney who defended President Donald Trump during the Democrats’ failed impeachment trials, has said he believes that lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania requesting that huge numbers of ballots be discounted will ultimately succeed. He said during an interview with Breitbart News that the president is on a patch to victory in the state and will win in court.

The lawsuits in Pennsylvania’s allege that election officials did not follow court orders and votes were not properly counted owing to the fact that official observers were denied access. A suit also says that ballots not received on election day should not count.

“I do think that Trump will win the Pennsylvania lawsuit,” Dershowitz said during the radio interview. “Namely the lawsuit that challenges ballots that were filed before the end of Election Day, but not received until after Election Day.”

Dershowitz explained how Pennsylvania’s legislature said not to allow ballots received after Election Day to count, but that the state’s Supreme Court said they should count because of the pandemic. The issue, however, is that the Constitution doesn’t permit anyone in the state, except the legislature, to make election rules.

That means the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, which has a Democrat bias, was wrong to rule against the legislature.

A win on this case wouldn’t be that surprising, either, given that President Donald Trump has already won a lawsuit in the state over the issue of voter ID deadlines. Any votes that were not “cured” – meaning that voters who didn’t provide proof of identity – within the correct deadline have already been ruled as ineligible.

Dershowitz cited the Bush v. Gore case from 2000, saying President Donald Trump could overturn the results of the election in Pennsylvania if his legal team was able to prove that the segregated ballots had an impact on the results.

“That was decided in Bush versus Gore and I think that four-to-four vote would become a five-to-four vote if the issue came before the Supreme Court and there were enough disputed ballots to make a difference in the outcome of the election,” he said. “That remains to be seen.”

Dershowitz also said that he thinks what the judiciary did may well have been the “right thing morally” saying that “if you get your ballot in on time, you shouldn’t be denied the vote just because the post office screwed up.” However, he said that the Republican argument that the rules were not made Constitutionally is the stronger argument.

If Pennsylvania flips, could other states, too?