Tom Fitton Confirms Judicial Watch Is Going After Biden

( Tom Fitton, the president of conservative legal activism group “Judicial Watch,” has vowed to go after President Joe Biden and his attempts at preventing the public from accessing his full Senate records.

In a piece for Newsmax, Fitton asked, “What was President Joe Biden doing as a senator that he now wants to keep secret?”

“Judicial Watch is trying to find that out,” he added. “We filed a notice of appeal with the Supreme Court of Delaware, asking for access to records about President Biden’s senatorial papers held by the University of Delaware.”

Those papers, Fitton says, consist of over 1,850 boxes of archival records from Biden’s career in the Senate. His legal action will seek to reverse the opinion from the Superior Court of Delaware which blocks Freedom of Information Act requests from obtaining the information found within the archived material.

Fitton said he filed a lawsuit with the Daily Caller News Foundation, the nonprofit side of the conservative news outlet The Daily Caller, following the decision of a Delaware Attorney General that blocked access to the files.

The suit goes all the way back to July 2, 2020, and this briefly became a campaigning issue. The Biden campaign simply refused to even acknowledge that the files were being kept secret, or that they were important in any way.

Fitton’s appeal, he said, challenges the decision that the records do not constitute “public records” because no public funds are used to support the project that conceals the records at the University of Delaware.

And if you think that’s a weak argument…well, so does Tom Fitton.

“We responded in court that it is impossible for the housing of the president’s senatorial records in the college’s Library to not be supported by any public funds,” he said. “We noted that U-Del. Admitted that ‘[t]he State of Delaware provides the University with approximately $120 million each year through an appropriation in the state budget,’ but has yet to show how public funds are not used to support the papers.

Fitton also noted in the suit that the storage space used to keep the files, along with the time spent by professional members of staff, are two things of value that can be inferred are paid for with public funds.

Neil Patel, the president of the Daily Caller News Foundation, said recently that he has “no idea why the University of Delaware is hiding these materials that the public should have every right to see.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation and Fitton are represented by Delaware attorneys Bill Green and Ted Kittila.

Fitton said in his Newsmax piece that he “won’t let this issue drop.”

We’ll keep you updated on this case and any progress made revealing Biden’s well-guarded Senate secrets.