THOUSANDS of Migrants March to US. Biden Official Says NOT YET! | The News & Why It Matters

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Big Tech continues to urge conservative voices to be deplatformed as former Facebook official Alex Stamos says television services should avoid airing TV networks like OAN and Newsmax. Despite many conservatives putting their hope in Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, he reveals that he supports deplatforming conservative voices, too! Thousands of migrants are on their way to the United States border to hold Joe Biden to his word, but a Biden official tells them, “Not just yet!” Biden has said he plans to sign multiple executive orders on his FIRST DAY of office. Is this the end of America as we know it? And lastly, Donald Trump’s impeachment is stalled as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi still hasn’t sent the article of impeachment to the Senate. Does she know Biden’s inauguration is this week?