Texas Feds Say Haitian Immigrants Pouring Into United States

(ThePatriotSource.com)- Border Patrol agents from Del Rio have reported a huge surge in the number of illegal migrants entering the United States illegally at the Texas border with Mexico. Agents have reportedly quickly processed and expelled the migrants back across the border into Mexico, following rules set out in the Title 42 Coronavirus protection protocols implemented at the beginning of the pandemic.

Over the past 20 days, Texas Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents reported that over 450 Haitian nationals illegally crossed the border into the United States from Mexico. Officials also said that it constituted a massive surge in illegal crossings by people from Haiti.

During the 20-day period, officials said that they apprehended a total of 1,800 illegal migrants from various countries crossing the border in Texas. Out of the 26 countries represented by the 1,800 migrants apprehended, illegal aliens from Haiti made up 25%.

Compared to the data from last year, it shows an alarming surge from the country. A total of 1,982 Haitian nationals were apprehended during the entirety of the 2020 fiscal year that ended at the end of September.

According to Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Austin L. Skero II, smugglers are telling people from countries like Haiti that if they successfully manage to enter the United States illegally, they will be released into American communities while they await court proceedings. While this used to be true, new rules put in place under the Trump administration mean that illegal aliens are not set free into the United States.

Smugglers perpetuate this false information to encourage people to pay them to help smuggle them into the United States.

“Smugglers are despicable criminals who spread false information that upon entry, these people will be released into our communities,” Skero said.

“Aside from special circumstances, they are prosecuted or returned to their country as soon as possible.”

Border officials announced that the Haitian nationals were expelled to Mexico under rules established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in March. Some 197,000 illegal migrants have been expelled to Mexico since the program was put in place.