Texas AG: Soros-Funded Groups Using Lawsuits to LOOSEN Voting Rules and Turn State BLUE

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton made the shocking admission this week that Democrats are fighting to relax voting laws in his state to turn it blue. Paxton spoke to Breitbart News Tonight to discuss how far-left radicals in the Texas Democratic Party are pushing vote vote-by-mail for the next presidential election, and future elections.

Paxton stressed that a mail-in voting system is the “most likely place for fraud” and that Democrats are doing all they can to take Texas from the Republicans.

“The law doesn’t allow for mail-in ballots in the cases that this judge ruled that they should be allowed” he explained, discussing the decision by a judge in Travis County who ruled that registered voters should legitimately use the Chinese coronavirus pandemic as a reason to vote via mail.

Paxton explained how in Texas there are some circumstances that allow for mail-in voting, which include having physical ailments or being sick.

“That’s the law in Texas, and we had a judge here that decided that the Texas legislature didn’t have it right, that they were not permitted to have laws they passed, that they could stay in place, he said.

Paxton also said that the law was regularly “under assault” from progressive activists in the state who try to change the mail-in voting rules through any method possible.

“We’re under assault. We have law firms filing lawsuits against us – we think they’re funded by George Soros – on all kinds of election issues. It’s an onslaught. It’s not just this mail-in ballot effort,” he added.

Paxton explained that, if successful, the Democrats could turn Texas into a permanently blue state, and it all starts with voter fraud.

“It’d be hard to ever win the state back,” he said.

A troubling thought! If you want to check out the full interview, you can listen to it over on the Breitbart Soundcloud page.

The story is particularly timely as Democrats all over the country are calling for the implementation of mail-in voting for the November election, citing the coronavirus pandemic. As if that’s really why they want it.

Paxton explained that, with mail-in voting, there’s nobody to verify who you are when you cast your vote. Voting in person, however, may require a photo ID and significantly reduces chances of fraud taking place.

Is this the real reason why Democrats are pushing for looser voting laws?