States with Republican Leaders Fared BETTER During Coronavirus, Fewer Deaths

( In news that is probably surprising to nobody, it turns out that states run by Republicans have seen significantly fewer COVID-19 deaths than states run by Democrats. In an analysis by Breitbart News, it was reported earlier this week that national media outlets are focusing their negative reporting on Republican states despite those states having monumentally lower death rates than Democratic states like New York and California.

It comes at a time when Florida and Texas are in the news a lot as a result of a recent spike in COVID-19 cases, but the death rates are not even close to those seen in California and New York so far. Despite this, much of the focus is on how Republican leaders have been irresponsible by lifting lockdown measures.

The analysis showed that New York and California, both run by Democrats, are the two top COVID hotspots in the United States when it comes to infection rates. They’re followed by Florida and Texas in third and fourth place.

Data from Worldometer, however, show vastly different stories in these states. New York has some 429,244 cases as of Tuesday and 32,461 deaths. California is trailing behind with 344,640 cases and 7,209 deaths. Florida and Texas, however, are quite substantially behind when it comes to deaths. With 291,629 cases, Florida has seen 4,409 deaths. Texas has seen 283,766 cases and 3,439 deaths.

This is despite the fact that California and New York have implemented extremely strict lockdown measures, and both Florida and Texas have been much more relaxed about it.

Isn’t it interesting that the states who didn’t take the same extreme measures as the Democrats haven’t been hit anywhere near as hard as them?

In California, cases are around 20% higher than Texas and Florida, but California deaths are around double the Texas and Florida numbers. Infections in New York are around 50% higher than Texas and Florida, but deaths in the state are roughly 600% higher than Florida. They’re more than 800% higher than Texas.

So while the media smears Republican states, people living there are safer. It’s probably something to do with people taking sensible measures themselves, and state leaders not sending infected patients into nursing homes…