State Supreme Court Justice Retiring

( One of Arizona’s Supreme Court justices is stepping down from the bench.
Andrew Gould, who has been serving the state’s Supreme Court since 2017, sent a notice to Governor Doug Ducey that he will be retiring effective April 1. Ducey appointed Gould to the court once Arizona expanded the number of justices who serve on it from five to seven.
In a statement put out last Friday, Ducey said Gould was committed to upholding the law in Arizona as well as the Constitution in general, working in the process to ensure justice was given to all victims.
In the statement, Ducey said:
“Gould’s integrity, wide range of professional experience and commitment to helping Arizonans made him an excellent fit for the Arizona Supreme Court. He served our state well.”
From 2012 to 2017, Gould served on the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One. He was appointed to that role by then-Governor Jan Brewer. Before that, Gould was on the bench at the Yuma County Superior Court for 10 years, holding roles of presiding judge and associate presiding judge.
The chief justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, Robert Brutinel, said Gould was outstanding throughout his career — as a justice, an appeal judge and a trial judge. In a statement, Brutinel said:
“The court has benefited from his wisdom, work ethic, collegiality and his commitment to the rule of law. He will be missed by his colleagues on the court and we wish him the best in his retirement.
Before he became a judge, Gould worked as a prosecutor in the attorney’s office of Yuma County, Arizona. He also served as the county’s chief civil deputy. He also worked as a prosecutor in the attorney’s office in Maricopa County, and in the same position for the attorney’s office in Vanderburgh County in Indiana.
In private practice, Gould worked for several different Phoenix law firms that are considered high-profile.
Gould graduated from the University of Montana as an undergraduate and then from Northwestern University School of Law.
In the community, he has volunteered as a coach for football and baseball programs, an adult Bible study teacher, and as a finals judge for the competitive advocacy program for We the People, according to
A replacement justice to Arizona’s Supreme Court will be selected through the merit selection process in the state. Within 60 days of the vacancy officially opening up, an appellate nominating committee with screen various applicants who could replace him.
That committee with then provide a list of candidates who are qualified to Ducey. The governor then has another 60 days to make his final choice on who should replace Gould.
Appointing state Supreme Court justices is nothing new for Ducey. In addition to Gould, he has appointed four other justices to the Supreme Court — James Beene, John Lopez, Bill Montgomery and Clint Bolick.
Arizona was a pivotal state in the 2020 presidential election, and the state Supreme Court could play a crucial role in determining rules and regulations for future elections.