Soros Front Organization ACLU Sues to Free 500 CRIMINALS from California Prison

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- The American Civil Liberties Union, the left-wing non-profit organization that’s partially funded by agitator George Soros, is taking legal action to free 500 criminals from California prisons during the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

A class-action lawsuit was filed by the ALCU against Sheriff Don Barnes of Orange County. The lawsuit demands that 500 inmates are freed from jails across the county as they are vulnerable to contracting the Wuhan virus while serving sentences.

Data shows that, as of April 29, just 120 inmates across all the jails in Orange County have tested positive for the virus. The lawsuit also fails to acknowledge the fact that criminals would also be vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus while out of prison, as the virus is still sweeping across the United States.

Sheriff Barnes told the OC Register that he was opposed to releasing such large numbers of inmates.

“I will continue to take measures needed to ensure the capacity is available to maintain safe operations and preserve our ability to house criminal offenders,” he said. “In preserving the safety of our custody operations, I must also ensure the safety of the law-abiding public. I’m not supportive of extensive preemptive releases that go beyond what is necessary to keep the jail and community safe.”

Orange County jails have already released around 45% of their inmates over the last two months, meaning the jails are far from overcrowded. The chance of getting coronavirus in prison is even smaller than it was previously, but the ACLU is still taking potentially crippling legal action to ensure more dangerous criminals can freely walk the streets.

The practice of releasing prisoners early was used throughout New York City, too, but within the last few weeks, dozens of criminals were re-arrested and sent back to prison after robbing banks and committing violent offenses.

In what world is freeing prisoners early a good idea>

Last week, seven sex offenders were released from jails in Orange County by Court Commissioner Joseph Dane. The decision was made despite law enforcement warning several times that all the prisoners were high risk and likely to reoffend.

The lawsuit, case number 8:20-cv-00835, was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California’s Southern Division.