Sen. Ron Johnson Calls to Reopen Parts of U.S. Economy

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- Republican Senator for Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, called for the reopening of some parts of the U.S. economy in a USA Today op-ed. Published on Sunday, the piece argues that the United States economy must continue to “provide life’s basic necessities.”

Johnson argued that some parts of the economy should be reopened urgently and that it the extent of reopening the economy should depend on the location.

“I’m not aware of any public official, including President Donald Trump, who is calling for a complete opening of the U.S. economy,” Johnson clarified. The Republican senator does not believe that businesses should go on as normal.

“What more people are saying is that as we learn more about COVID-19, we should evaluate the total societal cost of this awful disease and try to put things into perspective,” he added.

Johnson also discussed the possibility of suicide and drug addiction increasing during extended periods of quarantining. All across the country, people are reducing social interaction. For happy families it is manageable, but for those who live alone or who currently struggle with mental health problems, self-isolation could prove deadly.

“Imagine the potential psychological and human toll if this shutdown continues indefinitely, unemployment reaches 20% or higher, as some now predict, and we sink into a deep recession or depression,” Johnson pondered.

Johnson made it clear he was not criticizing the measures taken by President Trump, and the massive stimulus package passed on a bipartisan basis in Congress. In a tweet on March 27, Johnson praised the passing of the CARES Act, saying, “Now is the time for civic courage.”

President Trump previously shared Johnson’s optimism, having declared his intention to completely reopen the U.S. economy by Easter weekend. Those plans were abandoned, however, when it became clear that the United States had still not reduced the spread of the virus in substantial enough way.

The government’s social distancing guidelines will now remain in place until the end of April.

Meanwhile, Johnson represents the view of millions of Americans who wonder why lesser-affected areas cannot be treated differently than densely populated regions like New York City.