Ron DeSantis Calls For Lockdowns On Cruise Ships To End

( Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis continues to lead the way in pushing the Make America Great Again agenda despite the far-left Biden presidency, calling on the White House to allow cruise ships to be allowed to sail again during the summer.

DeSantis called on the government to make the change and allow people to enjoy their summer break after meeting with cruise ship industry leaders in Port Canaveral, Florida.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Governor DeSantis and industry leaders expressed their concern about the federal government’s refusal to open the industry back up. The decision means that thousands of American workers will remain unemployed during the summer season instead of getting back to work and keeping the industry from completely collapsing.

“I want to see these ships sailing,” DeSantis said. “It would be a great comeback for a lot of people who work in this industry.”

Cruise Industry News reported how cruise industry executives joined Governor DeSantis in “aggressively” calling for the industry to restart following roundtable discussions.

Harry Sommer, the president of Norwegian Cruise Line, described how his company employs several thousand Americans at its Miami headquarters and satellite office in Sunrise, Florida. He added that hundreds were laid off because of the pandemic, but if the no-sail order was lifted, they would be hired back immediately.

Rick Sasso, the chairman of MSC Cruises USA, also said that there are lots of things going on that are “frustrating.”

“We do need a date certain…we need to know when,” he said. “It will take time for us to engage and get things back into order.”

DeSantis added that the national cruise lockdown was affecting Florida the most.

“If we get liberated from that, you are going to be able to see maybe tens of thousands, maybe even a hundred thousand more people, going back to work,” he said.

And at a time when unemployment is about as high as it was under the Obama administration, that could only be a positive thing.

Florida is preparing to give $260 million in assistance for ports across the state that have been impacted by the federal rules, but DeSantis warned that it’s nowhere near enough if the cruises are not allowed to begin sailing again.