Rioters (Biden Supporters?) Set Fire To St. Louis Police Headquarters

( Democrat-voting Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists set fire to the St. Louis police headquarters following the verdict from the Breonna Taylor Case on Wednesday. Extremists took to the streets in protest of the results of the case, where a grand jury found that no police officer was directly to blame for the death of Taylor after she was killed when officers returned fire during an arrest.

The St. Lous Post-Dispatch reported that roughly 50 protesters gathered in Florissant before police officers ordered them to disperse. Around six arrests were made.

Then, roughly 100 protesters gathered in the downtown region of Louisville, before marching to City Hall where they began rioting. Far-left extremists blocked Tucker Boulevard and Market Street and then began setting fires in the street. A chair at the entrance to the police headquarters was set on fire, prompting officers to quickly put out the flame.

You can see it happen on video. Never in history has something that the politicians claim isn’t happening been documented so well on video.

Is this still a “peaceful protest,” Joe Biden?

The fire was set on the same night that two officers were shot by rioters in Louisville, and another officer was set on fire with a Molotov cocktail.

Louisville’s Police Chief told reporters that two officers were shot but were stable. One officer underwent surgery and both are expected to recover. A suspect is also now in custody.

Footage also captured the moment that a far-left rioter threw a Molotov cocktail at police officers.

A statement from local police said that a Portland Fire Medic was at the scene to put out the fire, and had it not been put out, it would have caused “serious physical injury to the officer.”

Speaking of the fire set at the police station, the Florissant Police Department described how a gang of rioters were given three dispersal orders to move out of the highway.

“After the third order to disperse from the highway and the protesters’ refusal to disperse, officers entered the roadway and made 6 arrests. While officers were making the arrest, a protester threw a large loud firework at the officers. No protesters or police officers were injured,” the department said.

Setting fire to a police station while officers are inside. So peaceful.