Republicans EXPOSE Democrat Agenda Exploiting Coronavirus to Push “Extreme” Immigration Plans

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- Republican lawmakers in the House Oversight Committee recently accused Democrats in the same chamber of exploiting the coronavirus outbreak and the ongoing economic uncertainty to push far-left policy agenda, including an “extreme” plan to reform the American immigration system.

Congressman Jim Jordan, a Ranking Member of the oversight committee, said last week that Congressional Democrats continue to use the Chinese coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to “advocate for their extreme changes in immigration policy.” He also supported the president and commended the measures put forward by the White House to ensure the rule of law applies even in these unprecedented times.

“This concept ought to be simple,” the Ohio congressman said in a statement. “We should not turn our back on the citizens and lawful immigrants of this great country to favour those that broke the law and came here illegally or overstayed their visas.”

Jordan took part in a conference call with the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Matthew Albence. Mark Morgan the acting commissioner for Customers and Border Protection was also in the call where Jordan explained how Democrats are exploiting the situation to force the agencies to change the way they work.

Democrats have already demanded that Homeland Security immediately stop deporting people during the remainder of the outbreak – a policy they would likely push to keep if it were implemented even temporarily. Incredibly, their proposal even advocated that foreign criminals should be released from custody, allowing dangerous drug dealers and murderers back out into the streets.

They even argued that the construction of President Trump’s border wall should cease.

Congressman Jody Hice, a Ranking Member of the Government Operations Subcommittee also pushed back at Democrats trying to use the situation for their own gain.

“While Americans are forced to stay at home and out of work, Democrats want to release detailed illegal aliens, the majority of whom have criminal records, and also provide them with stimulus checks,” he said. “It’s unthinkable that anyone would push to give those who have broken the law more freedoms than law-abiding citizens.”

Imagine a world where illegal aliens aren’t deported for breaking the law, and they’re not even locked up – they’re set free in the country they illegally entered and given free money by the government!

Now, imagine you live in that country right now.