Rep. Cawthorn To Cosponsor Bill To Amend Section 230

(ThePatriotSource)- Rep. Madison Cawthorn, the young Republican freshman elected in November for North Carolina, announced this week that he would co-sponsor a new bill that would amend Section 230 to stop Big Tech censoring users.

Announcing on Twitter, Cawthorn said, “I am co-sponsoring a bill to amend Section 230 to demand First Amendment protections to be applied to big tech platforms!”

Sadly, the new Congress means that without Democrat support, the bill will be unlikely to pass. In years gone by, the idea of obtaining Democrat support for a Republican bill wasn’t so absurd. These days, with the president labeled an “insurrectionist,” it’s quite a different game.

The bill was introduced by Republican Florida Rep. Greg Steube, and aims to amend Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996. As it stands, this section of the law provides legal protections to social media platforms, meaning they cannot be held accountable or sued for content published by users on their sites.

In the bill, legislators propose that if an online service provider is dominant in its area of the market, then it will lose its Section 230 protections so long as it “makes content moderation decisions pursuant to policies or practices that are not reasonably consistent with the First Amendment to the Constitution.”

Such legislation would apply to Twitter, as the dominant platform in the microblogging space. It would also apply to YouTube as the dominant platform for video in the United States.

Should Cawthorn be successful in passing the legislation, it could force platforms like Twitter to reinstate President Donald Trump’s account and tens of thousands (or more) of other accounts banned for expressing conservative opinions.

Speaking to Fox News last week, Cawthorn slammed the idea of online censorship and tore into left-wing social media companies.

“When you rip the tongue out of somebody who would speak against you, you don’t prove them to be a liar,” he said. “Rather, you just prove that you’re paralyzed with fear on the altar of oppression, that you’re terrified of what they’re going to say against you.”

The freshman Republican Congressman also indicated that Republicans would need to take back the House in the midterm elections in 2022 in order to have any success passing Section 230 reforms.