Registration Data Shows Pennsylvania Race Closer Than Left-Wing Media Thinks

( A Breitbart News report suggests that Pennsylvania might be more competitive than the left-wing press thinks, with Republican registration data showing the GOP with a huge advantage over the Democrats. The report explains how Republicans have seen support in the state continue growing since narrowly winning Pennsylvania in the 2015 election.

A report from the Pennsylvania Department of State suggests that between December 2019 and December 2019, the Republican Party has signed up a substantial 258,705 new voters. The Democrats have signed up just 85,779 new voters.

The Democrats still have more registrants than the Republicans, with more than 800,000 in the state, but given that the president carried the state in 2016 despite the disadvantage, it suggests that the Republicans may be doing better in Pennsylvania than many left-wing media reports claim.

Since the president took office, Republican growth in Pennsylvania has been obtained to the disadvantage of the Democrats. Back in 2016, Democrats made up some 49% of the state’s electorate – but now, they make up just 47%. It means people have defected from the Democrats to the Republican Party, with most of those defections taking place in northeastern and western Pennsylvania.

On a local level, amazing things are happening too. Between August and September of 2020, Republicans registered 470 new voters in Lackawanna County, which is home to Joe Biden’s home city, Scranton.

If the president can win Pennsylvania with his populist, pro-worker message in 2016 despite Democrats having a substantial disadvantage, he can win the state again with the advantage of hundreds of thousands of new registrants.

Manufacturing and energy are likely to be big issues in this election, as they were in 2016. The president championed union workers in the same way Ronald Reagan did, and in the last election, lost the union vote by just eight points – quite a remarkable feat for a Republican candidate. And since then, the president’s support among union workers has continued growing.

If everything aligns the way Trump expects (and hopes) it will, Pennsylvania may not be the competitive swing state it used to be and could become a firm Trump/GOP state in the future…assuming that voters don’t consider Biden’s support of the Green New Deal to be a threat to their jobs.

President Trump took 57.9% of the vote in Pennsylvania in 2016, making him the first Republican candidate to win the state since 1988. In 2020, with similar issues at play, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has the task of convincing Democrats (and voters generally) in Pennsylvania that the Democratic Party will not put people back out of work.