Rapper “Lil Marlo” Shot Dead In Atlanta

Multiple People Dead in German Shooting

(ThePatriotSource.com)- Rapper “Lil Marlo” has been shot dead in Atlanta, Georgia. The rapper appeared to have been killed in a targeted attack as the United States experiences a massive surge in violent crime following Democrat politicians’ refusal to stand with the police.

TMZ reported that investigators believe the victim, Lil Marlo, was the “intended target of the gunfire” and that they are currently working to determine the circumstances surrounding the shooting. A police officer who explained the situation to TMZ reporters said that Lil Marlo was killed while driving a car.

Police officers responded to a call about a car accident on Saturday night that occurred on Interstate 285 in downtown Atlanta. When the officers arrived at the scene, they found Lil Marlo, a rapper whose real neam is Rudolph Johnson, had been shot. Officers pronounced him dead on the scene.

Johnson’s body is now with the in the hands of the Medical Examiner and investigations will continue into the reasons behind the incident. The news of the shooting broke on Instagram on Sunday morning. Lil Yachty, another rapper, posted a picture on the social media platform and included a captain that said, “We just did a song a 4 this morning smh rip brothers.”

SMH means “shaking my head,” and the caption made it clear he was talking about Lil Marlo.

Lil Marlo isn’t the biggest name nationally, but in the rap world he’s very well known. He was signed to the Quality Control label and had some hits, including “1ST n 3rd” and “Fuckem.”

JT from “City Girls” Tweeted “Rest In Peace Marlo……damn” and music producer London Tyler Homes said, “Damn bro not marlo it wasn’t yo time to go brudda damn plz say it ain’t true.”

Johnson was only 30 years old, and is just one of the many people falling victim to senseless violent crime. While this is happening, Democrats all over the country are siding with radical activists calling for the defunding of the police.