Police Officer Rescues BABY From Oregon House Fire

(ThePatriotSource.com)- A police officer in Oregon has been applauded by his local community for the “heroic” action taken when he ran inside a burning house to rescue a helpless baby on Friday. Christine Lawler, a passerby, was driving past the home when she noticed it on fire and pulled over, according to local newspaper the Daily Astorian.

Lawler was joined by a cyclist who stopped and attempted to alert the family to the fire that was starting. The cyclist then used a garden hose to try and put out the fire.

When Jason Robinson, a police officer from Astoria approached the home, he helped a man leave the building. A woman and some children had already escaped the home, but she screamed to say her baby was still asleep and inside the building.

Lawler told local station KPTV that she immediately ran for the front door.

“I think she was in shock and said, ‘Oh my gosh, my baby is still inside in the swing,’ and I just started running for the door with every intention to go in and look for this baby,” she said. “I opened the door, put my hoodie over my nose and was ready to go in and out he comes.”

Robinson, the police officer, then ran out of the burning building holding the woman’s baby in his arms.

The Astoria Fire Department then arrived at the property and was prepared to rescue the child, but it wasn’t necessary. The child was saved by the police officer and the fire was put out in ten minutes.

This, by the way, is the kind of thing that might not happen if Black Lives Matter get their way. Under their plans to defund the police, social workers will be trained to deal with crime, and police officers would become a thing of the past. People like Officer Jason Robinson may not be able to take brave measures like this.

“I believe Officer Robinson’s actions did save lives,” the Astoria fire chief said. “And I think that in a small community like Astoria, first responders rely on each other. And I think we’re really fortunate to work with some well-trained and exceptional police officers,” Dan Crutchfield added.