Police Office Seize EXPLOSIVES During Seattle Riots

(ThePatriotSource.com)- While Democrats continue to egg on far-left rioters, police officers are being blinded with lasers and physically hurt by projectiles thrown at “racial justice” protesters. In Seattle, law enforcement officers even seized explosives during last weekend’s protests.

On Wednesday, Seattle police announced that a van containing explosives was seized. The protests were organized in solidarity with the violent riots that are ongoing in Portland, Oregon.

Police Chief Carmen Best, who was stopped from doing her job during the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone protests that saw a six-block radius of Seattle occupied for weeks, said that her department is launching an investigation into the discovery of weapons on July 25. Best told the press how protesters were planning on reaching the Youth Service Center over last weekend were caught tossing “incendiary devices” and “Molotov cocktails” into a construction site. The weapons destroyed several trailers.

For racial justice, huh?

The rioters then moved to the East Precinct and were followed by a van. Police officers witnessed rioters “removing items and distributing them to people within the groups.”

The police witnessed the rioters handing out “baseball bats, pyrotechnic explosives, APR respirators, improvised shields, and face masks.”

Can the Democrats really continue pretending that these are normal protests?

Best said that moments after the protesters handed out the weapons, they managed to blow an eight-inch hole into the wall of the East Precinct by creating an explosion.

“Because of the manner in which the vehicle was parked and abandoned, there was a real fear that it would contain explosive devices that could detonate,” Best added.

The vehicle was impounded and a judge gave the police a warrant to search it, after which they discovered pyrotechnic explosives and smoke bombs that were bundled together. Best said that a weapon like this would “cause large amounts of smoke that are caustic to humans.” It contained bear spray, a chemical used to repel bears and which is banned from use on anything but bears.

Best also reminded the press that some 59 officers have been injured in riots so far.

Peaceful protests these are not.