Pelosi Passes PARTISAN $2.2 Trillion COVID Relief Bill, Deal So Bad Even Dems Didn’t Support It

( Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continued her efforts this week to pass partisan legislation that she knows does not have the support of Republicans or even the entirety of her Democratic colleagues. Pelosi and House Democrats passed a $2.2 trillion COVID-19 relief package on Wednesday night without any support from Republicans and with over a dozen of her own Democratic lawmakers voting against it too.

It comes after Pelosi refused to work with the Republicans on the latest round of COVID-19 relief in what was widely believed to be an effort to hurt the American economy – and President Donald Trump – in the run up to the November election.

The latest partisan legislation is the biggest spending bill since the Heroes Act, the initial legislation introduced during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new legislation contains a series of wildly unpopular policy measures, including giving free money to illegal aliens and removing some $600 million in funding for law enforcement.

To be clear, the legislation does not focus entirely on COVID-19 relief but includes measures that satisfy the demands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists.

Some 18 Democratic members of the House voted against the extremist proposed legislation. Politico also reported that many of Pelosi’s colleagues in the House texted her on Thursday urging her to talk to the Republicans about passing the $1.6 trillion coronavirus relief package offer put forward by the Trump administration and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. The president’s proposed legislation focuses entirely on COVID-19 relief and does not include funding for any partisan and unrelated issues.

“Republicans have put forward a serious offer and I think leadership should stay at the table and get this across the finish line,” Democratic Rep. Ben McAdams said on Thursday. “It’s a serious offer and a good faith offer, and it feels like we are close.”

Throughout Thursday, Pelosi is understood to have continued talks with Mnuchin. She told the press, however, that they were “still far apart.”

Mnuchin doesn’t want to defund the police.

The question now is whether the Democrats will commit to negotiating a coronavirus relief offer that only deals with COVID relief, and not partisan issues like police funding and “racial justice.”