NYC Cops Want To Stop Being Enforcers Of Only Social-Distancing Rules

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a laundry list of challenges for the United States. From dealing with the virus and COVID-19 illness itself, to dealing with business closings, layoffs and related economic troubles, there aren’t many, if any, aspects of life in America that have been unaffected.
Social distancing has become the new norm around the country. States that have put stay-at-home orders in place have made exceptions for essential services, but people are still supposed to stay away from large groups of people and remain at least six feet apart from people who aren’t members of their household.
Actually enforcing those rules has been a challenge in and of itself, but governors and mayors are making police departments focus on social distancing instead of other “normal” day-to-day criminal activity.
This has drawn the ire of many enforcement agencies around the country, and on Wednesday, New York City’s largest law-enforcement union made its frustrations public.
The Police Benevolent Association that represents New York City cops said the state’s politicians have prioritized the handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and said police need to be released “out of the social distancing enforcement business.”
According to the New York Post, Patrick Lynch, the PBA president, said:
“The cowards who run this city have given us nothing but vague guidelines and mixed messages, leaving the cops on the street corners to fend for ourselves. Nobody has a right to interfere with a police action. But now that the inevitable backlash has arrived, they are once again throwing us under the bus.”
City leaders are “still watering down our laws, releasing real criminals and discouraging proactive enforcement of fare evasion and quality-of-life issues,” he said.
“As a result, our subways are in chaos, and we have hero nurses getting mugged on their way to our hospitals. As the weather heats up and the pandemic continues to unravel our social fabric, police officers should be allowed to focus on our core public safety mission. If we don’t, the city will fall apart before our eyes.
“This situation is untenable: the NYPD needs to get cops out of the social distancing enforcement business altogether.”
Politicians in New York — such as Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, both Democrats — have fought hard to enforce social-distancing measures in their state, which has been the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic by far. Nearly a third of all the confirmed U.S. cases of coronavirus have happened in New York. There was a total of 1.2 million cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., with 72,695 deaths as of Wednesday’s estimates.
In March, the Board of Correction said New York City should release inmates who were among the highest risk to contract and spread coronavirus. The mayor’s office announced in early April that more than 1,500 people who were incarcerated were released since March 16 because of the outbreak of the coronavirus. In total, it represented a 20% decline in the total jail population, which is now at the lowest level it’s been at since 1949.