New York Times Argues that Jogging Is…Racist

( In response to the story of Ahmaud Arvery, a young black man who was reportedly jogging when he was shot by another man who believed (for good reason…) that he was trespassing, the New York Times has chimed into the debate by saying jogging is racist. Or something.

In an opinion piece penned by historian Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, the idea that jogging has “always excluded black people” is explained. Petrzela starts the piece by arguing that jogging, which was pushed in the 1960s as an exercise everybody could enjoy, has been proven false over the years. She claims that “the sport of running has maintained this fiction.”

Yeah, I’m confused too.

To save you from having to read it for yourself, she goes on to say that black runners routinely stay “clear of certain neighborhoods” as if they are likely to get shot. She claims that black runners only run in daylight, or wear certain clothes, like Ivy League sweatshirts, to show people they are respectable.

“Many white runners, by contrast, were aghast that the sense of peace they feel when hitting the open road reflected their racial privilege,” she said.

It all boils down to the fact that Arvery was seen breaking into a home that was under construction, and was seen wearing boots (not jogging shoes) while running out of the building. Some people even reported that items looted from the building were scattered across the road. Democrats and Republicans have been bitterly divided on the issue, but as time passes and more information is revealed, it looks like there may be fault on both sides.

Arvery may have not just been jogging, and the man who shot him may have been too heavy-handed.

As a result of the shooting, however, far-left ideologues have begun using it as an example of everyday racism.

“This disparity should come as no surprise: Running has been a pastime marketed primarily to white people ever since ‘the jogging craze’ was born in the lily-white Oregon track and field world of the late 1960s,” she said. “Black people have not only been excluded from the sports – one survey by Running USA found under 10 percent of frequent runners identify as African-American – they’ve also been relentlessly depicted as a threat to legitimate, whit joggers.”

So I guess that’s another thing we can add to the list of racist things. What next?