Netanyahu Calls On Palestine for New Talks Based On Trump’s Peace Plan

( Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again called on the Palestinian Authority to engage in good-faith negotiations for the future of the two states, ahead of the July 1 deadline for the annexation of regions in the West Bank. The annexation of West Bank areas, which would put Israeli land back under the legal jurisdiction of Israel, has been a point of contention for some time now, with Palestinian extremists threatening terrorist attacks in Israel moves forward with it.

Prime Minister Netanyahu called on the Palestinians to negotiate on the terms set out under President Donald Trump’s peace plan.

“I encourage the Palestinians not to lose another opportunity, not to waste another century trying to destroy Israel,” Prime Minister Netanyahu explained in a video message that was broadcast during a virtual conference hosted by Christians United For Israel.

“They should sit down and negotiate in good faith. They should be prepared to negotiate a historic compromise that can bring peace to Israelis and Palestinians alike. Israel is prepared for such negotiations; I am prepared for such negotiations.”

Israel has been under fire by Palestine for decades, and this olive branch is by no means new. Israel has offered negotiations and compromise with Palestine on many occasions over the years, but have been met by violence and anger every time.

The Palestinian Authority, which governs the land they call Palestine, has already denied the peace plan that was put forward by President Trump. It was denied even before the plan was published, and ties with the United States were cut as a result of its promotion. Palestine simply isn’t interested in negotiating.

“Israel is prepared for such negotiations. I am prepared for such a negotiation. And I’m sure that many Arab states in our region are hoping we enter such negotiations with the Palestinians,” Netanyahu said.

“I worked hard over the past decade to deepen ties with Israel’s Arab neighbors, many of whom don’t have formal peace agreements with Israel…and as Israel moves forward, I will continue to work to strengthen those ties. I’m confident that together we can build a future of reconciliation and peace.”

Fingers crossed Palestine eventually believes the same…