National Guard Deployed To Cleveland, Ohio, In Anticipation Of More Democrat-Fuelled Riots

( In preparation for Tuesday night’s first presidential debate, Major General John C. Harris announced that some 300 members of the National Guard were deployed in anticipation of possible riots. Harris, who is the head of the Ohio National Guard, said their presence was to help handle crowd control ahead of the first presidential debate.

Cleveland officials and the Governor of Ohio also said that local law enforcement were prepared to handle an “influx,” which we all know means “riots” at this point.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Ohio has been hit by let-wing rioting and looting, either. Cleveland’s local Fox affiliate noted how protests in Cleveland in May soon become hours of looting and rioting, following the death of George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said that he activated the National Guard in the city at the request of Cleveland Police and the City of Cleveland.

“As is the case in Columbus, it is believed to be a relatively small group of violent individuals who are drowning out the voices of the many citizens who are peacefully expressing their desire for justice and change,” he added.

National Guard vehicles were parked close to Case Western early on Tuesday, with sections of the area sealed off with iron fences. A secure perimeter was established around the venue where the debate would be held, in anticipation of rioters attacking the building. And you know which candidate they would want to attack.

Preparations were also put in place by the city to handle larger crowds in case the demonstrations become violent, as they have done in various other cities across the United States in recent months.

Local media even reported how the local court system had even been preparing for an influx of new people who might be arrested on the night.

“We’ve learned there’s even been talk of setting up a big tent at a city park to temporarily handle a large group of people arrested,” Fox 8 reported on Monday.