Nancy Pelosi Looks Drunk In Viral Video That Facebook Says It Won’t Remove

( An edited video that makes Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi look drunk or high on drugs has gone viral on Facebook.

The video was posted to the social media site on Thursday, and as of Sunday night, it has gotten more than 2 million total views.

Facebook has labeled the video “partly false,” because it has been edited to make it look as if Pelosi is drunk, even though she is not. The social media giant decided not to remove the video altogether, though, even as some people called for its total removal.

This follows suit for Facebook, who went through a similar situation with an edited video of Pelosi in May 2019. When that happened, Pelosi went off on Facebook for not removing the video. The company decided that it would apply a fact-check label to that video instead.

The video can still be seen on Facebook, as it has not been removed from the site. Facebook says they placed a warning label on the edited video, and that videos marked this way are promoted less by the company’s algorithm. The site also will send notifications to people who shared the Pelosi video to flag as a fact check.

The company in charge of fact checking Facebook videos, Lead Stories, reviewed the video on Sunday.

The video was posted on Facebook with a caption that reads: “This is unbelievable, she is blowed out of her mind, I bet this gets taken down!”

The video comes from a May press conference at which Pelosi was asked a question about President Donald Trump’s allegations against former Republican congressman and MCNBC host Joe Scarborough.

The video was then slowed down and edited to make it look like Pelosi was drunk when she gave her response. That’s according to a visual forensic expert, Hany Farid, who is also a professor at the University of California Berkeley.

While Farid said the video should be removed under the manipulated media policy for Facebook, the company disagrees. Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Facebook, told CNN that the video didn’t break any of its policies that would warrant it from being taken down from the site. He said:

“Following an incident over a year ago with a previous video of Speaker Pelosi, we took a number of key steps, making it very clear to people on Facebook when a third-party fact-checker determines content to be false and updating our policy to make explicit the kind of manipulated media we will remove. And, as always, when a video is determined false, its distribution is dramatically reduced and people who see it, try to share it, or have already shared it, see warnings alerting them that it’s false.”

The video was originally posted on TikTok, but that social media network decided to remove it, saying it violated the company’s “synthetic media policy.” The video has also made its rounds on YouTube and Twitter. Both of those networks decided to remove versions from their sites.