MSNBC LIES, Claims NYPD “Kidnapped” a Suspect. NYPD Responds…

( You might not be surprised to learn that an anchor from MSNBC lied on social media on Tuesday, promoting a video that shows police officers arresting a wanted suspect. The tweet, which shows police officers wearing uniforms along with their unique ID patches, claims that the officers were “kidnapping” the individual illegally.

The initial tweet was published by blue checkmark Twitter account who claims to be a journalist, seems to be more of an advocate for marijuana.

“NYC is taking after Portland – a trans femme protester was pulled into an unmarked van at the Abolition Park protest,” the tweet claims.

Does anybody know what trans femme means? Or why it’s relevant to the (legal) arrest?

Hayes then retweeted the video and lied about what happened.

“This is…kidnapping,” he claimed.

As the footage shows, it isn’t. Police officers arrive in an unmarked vehicle, which is entirely legal and a tactic used by law enforcement officers all over the world. They get out of the vehicle wearing their uniforms, with unique ID patches, and arrest the suspect.

Arrests are only made when police officers believe that the person has broken the law. This, therefore, is an arrest and not a kidnapping.

Accusing police officers of kidnap is a big accusation…and a big lie. The New York Police Department responded to the false claims on Twitter, explaining how the woman arrested was suspected of causing serious damage to police cameras and being involved in various other criminal incidents around the City Hall Park area.

“The arresting officers were assaulted with rocks & bottles,” the statement added.

The question now is…will Hayes apologize for lying? Or will he save face and continue telling the lie, despite evidence proving him wrong, for the sake of pushing a narrative that “peaceful protesters” are being brutalized by the police?