MSNBC Claims D.C. Riots are “Still Peaceful”

( After a weekend of brutal violence, arson, destruction, and vandalism, the left-wing media is still trying to defend the protesters taking to the streets to cause destruction. On Sunday, just before the city-wide curfew came into place, Garret Haake from MSNBC argued that President Donald Trump is lying when he says the protests in DC are violent.

Haake showed footage of the protests taking place in Lafayette Square, to the north of the White House. It was opposite here that protesters torched the St. John’s Episcopal Church, a two-century-old place of worship. Haake ignored this, however, and argued that the protesters were still “peaceful.”

“If the president’s watching, I’m looking at his house right now, and there’s nothing fake about this,” Haake claimed. “This storage facility we’ve been looking at all night that’s completely engulfed now, I think, is the reason that the Park Police cleared us out here. They wanted to get fire engines down this block to try to address that.”

Haake saw that arson took place but still, somehow, argued that the protests were peaceful.

“But those DCFC engines have moved on. Don’t know whether it was a lack of access to water, or they didn’t feel safe enough even in that situation here. And in the meantime, the Park Police have pushed us back yet again, including giving my photographer and I a little bit of a boost getting out of the area here as they try to create a little bit more space.”

He went on to say what he believed the protests were “really all about.”

“This is still peaceful protesters trying to come out here and express their anger, their frustration, their exhaustion, with what has gone on in this country when it comes to police brutality and police violence,” he claimed.

Haake said that people were trying to be peaceful and self-police. Shortly after he gave his speech to the camera, Haake was reportedly hit by a rubber bullet.

Rubber bullets are only used by the police when protesters…aren’t peaceful.

Oh, and if you wanted to see how “peaceful” these protesters are, take a look at the footage above which shows the historic St. John’s Church on fire. Can the mainstream press be any more delusional?