Mike Pompeo Predicts ZERO American Troops In Afghanistan BY 2021…Unless Biden Screws It Up

(ThePatriotSource.com)- Owing to the Trump administration’s successes in establishing peace deals in the Middle East, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo predicts that there will be zero American troops in Afghanistan by 2021.

During an interview with Breitbart, Pompeo said that following meetings with Afghan government officials progress made on intra-Afghan peace discussions, a full withdrawal of American military personnel from Afghanistan could take place as soon as spring 2021.

It comes after President Trump helped establish normal diplomatic relations between Israel and the UAE, as well as the Kingdom of Bahrain. In a tweet, President Trump said that the peace deals could help stabilize the Middle East and allow him to withdraw troops.

When asked if he thinks the negotiations are on track to meet the framework set out by Taliban and United States leadership on February 29, Pompeo responded, “I do.”

Speaking about the potential for a full withdrawal of American troops, Pompeo said that it depends on three things.

“The conditionality is realty three-fold,” he said. “One, there is an obligation they have with respect to foreign terrorist groups – primarily al-Qaeda, but all four terrorist groups – they are not permitted, and the language is very clear that they are not permitted and that they have to break with them. Second, they have to engage in these conversations in a way that is substantive and not just physically sit in the room, but they need to have serious conversations and begin to work their way through it.”

Third, Pompeo said, they “have a responsibility as part of that to ensure that outside actors don’t act as spoilers for this, and there are many hands who would like to see this undone and would like to see America mired in Afghanistan for another 20 years.”

Pompeo explained that both the Afghan government and the Taliban have a responsibility to stop outside actors getting in the way of negotiations and ensuring the United States can withdraw.

“There’s a set of CT metrics that’s pretty clearly laid out,” he added. “We’ll measure them and the president will make a decision if there’s sufficient compliance to get us to zero.

Earlier in September, the Trump administration also announced plans to withdraw 4,000 troops from Afghanistan by the November election.