Michelle Obama Caught Associating With Known Racist

(ThePatriotSource.com)- If you hadn’t heard, Dr. Seuss is a racist now. At least, that’s what the social justice warriors are saying. And former First Lady Michelle Obama is guilty of associating with characters dreamed up by the racist, misogynistic, neo-Nazi, problematic, transphobic, xenophobic writer.

On Tuesday, six Dr. Seuss books were pulled from sale, and Dr. Seuss himself was dropped as the face of the Read Across America Day which was held on March 2.

Dr. Seuss has been the face of the school event for the last 20 years.

Far-left activists claim that Seuss’s stories promoted “orientalism, anti-blackness and white supremacy.”

So why, exactly, was Michelle Obama reading his stories at the White House along with some of his most famous characters?

If that wasn’t bad enough, former President Barack Obama was seen in a clip from 2015 discussing Dr. Seuss’s books and promoting them.

During a meeting between the then-president and White House interns, Obama said, “It’s like the Star-Belly Sneetches, you know? We’re all the same, so why would we treat somebody differently just because they don’t have a star on their belly?”

“If I think about responsibility, I think about Horton sitting on the egg up in the three, while Lazy Mayzie’s flying off, doing whatever she wants…all I’m saying is that as you get older, what you will find is that the homespun basic virtues that your mom, your dad, or folks you care about or admire, taught you about hard work, being responsible, being kind, giving something back, being useful, working as a team, turns out that’s all true.”

Gee, it almost sounds as though Dr. Seuss is promoting positive ideas for children, and Barack Obama…agreed with them?

The Obamas embraced his books during the National Read Across America Day during their time in the White House, but this year, new President Joe Biden failed to mention his name.

God forbid Joe Biden anger the woke crowd.