Married Americans More Likely To Be Republicans

( Brad Wilcox from the Family Research Council revealed last week how married Americans are more likely to be Republicans…and unmarried Americans are more likely to be Democrats.

Perhaps not the most surprising news you’ve heard this week, but interesting nonetheless…

Speaking to “Washington Watch” on the American Family Radio Network, Wilcox explained how Marriage was a top predictor for how people voted in the last election.

“Families and communities with more children tend to vote red,” he said. “But there is another key dimension: Marriage continued to shape U.S. elections.”

Wilcox said that in the last election in November, married Americans and communities that had more married men and women were much more likely to vote for President Donald Trump and Republican candidates down ticket.

“You see this trend across the board, and there’s a very strong association between people’s marital status and how they vote in American elections,” Wilcox explained.

The data from the Family Research Council showed that 56% of married men voted for president Donald Trump with 42% opting for Joe Biden. Some 52% of married women voted for President Donald Trump, and 48% voted for Joe Biden.

That’s a pretty big gap given how narrow the contest was in many states.

“That was a striking finding, that there was a majority for both, and that there was an increase from the last election to the current election,” Wilcox also added.

It means that those who live in tighter communities and have established families tend to vote for candidate who espouse conservative ideas, both culturally and fiscally. It also indicates that those who do not have children or a partner to care for are more willing to vote for candidates that raise taxes on those who contribute more to the national economy.

“But we also think that sort of the transition into marriage might make people more conservative as well, that just your attitude toward taxes or attitudes toward government could be conditioned or shaped by whether or not you have a spouse and the financial resources that tend to come with having that stability on the home front,” Wilcox also said.

But with people marrying later and divorcing more, it could mean that Democrats have an edge in future elections…assuming they don’t destroy the economy so badly this time around that they even lose their unmarried voters.