Liberal Washington Post Wants To Cancel Pirates Now

( Cancel Culture knows no bounds. It’s affected politicians, public figures, statues and monuments, and names on public buildings such as schools and government offices.

Cancel Culture has affected professional sports teams. Facing pressure from various organizations, the NFL team formerly known as the Washington Redskins did away with the “Redskins” moniker. They played the 2020 season without a new name, going by the Washington Football Team instead.

Now, the liberal Washington Post is suggesting that other teams around the NFL do the same — only this time, the team it’s targeting is much more of a stretch.

Last Friday, Jamie Goodall, who is a staff historian at the U.S. Army Center of Military History, suggested that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should change their name. The team, which won Sunday’s Super Bowl over the Kansas City Chiefs, was named after the pirates who, during the colonial era, were frequently spotted in and around the Florida coast.

But, even though those pirates are long since gone, Goodall believes naming an NFL team after them does a lot of harm to people. She wrote:

“Yet, while this celebration of piracy seems like innocent fun and pride in a local culture, there is danger in romanticizing ruthless cutthroats who created a crisis in world trade when they captured and plundered thousands of ships on Atlantic trade routes between the Americas, Africa and Great Britain.

“Why? Because it takes these murderous thieves who did terrible things — like locking women and children in a burning church — and makes them a symbol of freedom and adventure, erasing their wicked deeds from historical memory.”

What?? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we’re pretty sure, are in no way celebrating misgivings of pirates, or any of their violent deeds. Instead, they are celebrating the cartoon-like imagery that pirates have come to be known as. No one thinks that the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are a problem or racist, but an NFL team with their name is?

It’s very similar, in fact, to the Minnesota Vikings. The actual Vikings did much of the same things as pirates near Florida did — only they did it throughout much of northern Europe. They terrorized people, brutalized people and plundered goods on their way to expanding.

But, the Vikings team doesn’t celebrate that. They make it into a cartoon-like figure.

What about the New England Patriots? Is their name OK just because it refers to Americans? Those patriots of the colonial era certainly killed plenty of people during the Revolutionary War. They certainly took over lands of Indigenous peoples when they arrived in America. Should that team also change its name to the New England Football Team so no one, ever, is offended?

The question, really, is where does this all end? Does every NFL team not named after an animal just need to re-name themselves something bland? What passes as OK and what doesn’t?

People who buy into this Cancel Culture need to just stop and think of something better to do with their time. Instead of attacking Tampa Bay for its NFL team name, just sit back and enjoy watching them play in the Super Bowl.