Kim Jong Un Makes Special Plea To Military Leaders

( Recently gave a speech in which he discussed the importance of the leaders of cities and counties in his country to improve the lives of citizens.

It comes as part of a new five-year economic turnaround plan put in place by the authoritarian leader after a year of immense economic struggles, poverty, and starvation within the nation’s borders.

Kim, who rarely delegates power beyond his federal government, said that city and county chief secretaries will play a role in improving economic conditions as he puts in place plans for new manufacturing facilities to make up for a lack of international imports.

State news media outlet KCNA revealed the contents of his speech on Thursday, which focused on how the country will rebuild after closing its borders amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With ongoing international sanctions, too, North Korea needs to make up a shortfall of at least five million tonnes of crops this year.

Kim said city and county chief secretaries will need to reach a “turning point” to develop their impoverished regions as part of a plan announced during his Worker’s Party congress in January.

“Now everything depends on the strenuous efforts and the role of the chief secretaries,” Kim said in a statement.

A plenary meeting of the Supreme People’s Assembly, which is the unicameral legislature of North Korea ad is made up of one deputy from each of the 687 constituencies in North Korea, also took place on Wednesday. New legislation on the disinfection of the few imported goods that enter the country and other social security measures were reportedly passed.

President Donald Trump famously became the first sitting U.S. president to step foot on North Korean soil after a series of diplomatic meetings with the communist dictator. President Trump’s intention was to get North Korea to drop its nuclear weapons program and begin a more normal diplomatic relationship with South Korea, however, talks eventually broke down.

Under President Joe Biden, no indication has been made that talks will restart, despite the groundwork laid by the former president.

The new economic plans in North Korea will focus on more domestic manufacturing to meet the demand for products that were previously imported from China.