Kenosha’s Black Business District DESTROYED By Black Lives Matter

( Black Lives Matter extremists destroyed much of the black business district in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during the second night of unrest after the shooting of Jacob Blake. According to a report from Reuters, much of the black business district in the city was torched and destroyed by radical racist protesters claiming to be standing up for black people.

31-year-old protester Porche Bennett told Reuters that mostly-white activists burned down the historically black region, but The Post Millennial reports that footage on social media proves the claim untrue. In actual fact, black and white activists alike appeared united in their efforts to destroy businesses and buildings as part of their extremist protest.

A combination of officers from the local police and the National Guard reportedly used rubber bullets, smoke bombs, and tear gas to disperse the crowds as they grew increasingly dangerous. Zach Rodriguez, a member of the Kenosha County Board of Supervisors, also told Reuters that they would be holding an emergency meeting on Tuesday to ask for federal help from the United States Marshals Service.

Despite the deployment of the National Guard, the violence continues and if the ongoing BLM riots in Portland, Oregon, are anything to go by then we shouldn’t expect them to die down any time soon.

“Essentially our city was burned to the ground, building by building,” Rodriguez said. “Enough is enough.”

Journalist Shelby Talcott published a series of videos showing the burning of a furniture store in the region, along with other buildings.

But don’t worry, it’s fine, it was all done in the name of “racial justice.” Or something.

A local business owner attempted to calm the rioters, urging them to stop looting local businesses. But they didn’t listen.

In a video, a local business owner told looters that people have their lives in the businesses they are burning down.

“So just because you guys are too scared to go deal with the cops you’re just going to burn down our whole town?” he asked. “Then you get Maced and you all take off? Take your issues up with them. The furniture store is the police? A car dealership is the police?”

By November, people have a chance to stop the insanity. They can vote for Democrats who will capitulate every time the violence occurs, or they can vote for new leaders who will stand up to the people committing the violence.