Kamala Harris DIDN’T Prosecute MS-13 Gang Member Who Later Murdered California Family

(ThePatriotSource.com)- Senator Kamala Harris, during her time working as the San Francisco District Attorney, failed to prosecute an MS-13 gang member who was illegally living in the United States just months before he went on to murder a family in California.

According to reports, 48-year-old Tony Bologna was driving with his three sons on June 22, 2008, after attending a family barbeque. Edwin Ramos, an illegal alien and member of the dangerous MS-13 gang, began driving alongside their car before shooting at the family. Bologna and his three sons Matthew, Michael, and Anthony were killed in the senseless shooting.

According to prosecutors, Ramos shot at the family because he misidentified them, believing that they were rival gang members who had been involved in another murder earlier that day. The tragedy could have been avoided, however, if Ramos had been prosecuted earlier.

Then-District Attorney Kamala Harris, who is running to become the next Vice President of the United States (cough, president, cough), failed to prosecute the illegal alien after she was warned by San Francisco police officers. Ramos had been in trouble with the law on several occasions, but despite his record, Harris failed to prosecute him. A San Francisco Gate report from 2008 explains how Ramos was arrested for having illegally tinted windows on his car and no front license plate.

The Los Angeles Times also reported in March 2008 how Harris’ office didn’t press any charges against Ramos and he was released just a few days later.

“Ramos was also arrested March 30 on a weapons violation, along with an alleged gang member riding in his car,” the outlet reported. “After he spent several days in jail, authorities decided to file charges against the other man but not him, and Ramos was released, said Eileen Hirst, a sheriff’s spokeswoman.”

The outlet also explained how “deportation proceedings against Ramos could have been initiated but were not because of an apparent mix-up between the federal Immigration, Customs and Enforcement Agency and the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, which runs the jail.”

It means that the murder of the three sons and father was completely avoidable.

Angel Mom Danielle Bologna pleaded with Harris after their murder to seek death penalty charges against the murder, but Harris refused that too.

Today, Harris supports sanctuary city policies that would provide protection for illegal aliens from being turned over to ICE for deportation even if they commit horrendous crimes like this.