Judge Orders Apple To Produce Documentation From CEO In Lawsuit

(ThePatriotSource.com)- The fight between Epic Games and Apple has taken another turn.

A judge has ordered Apple to produce quite an extensive documentation between the company’s Senior Vice President Craig Federighi and CEO Tim Cook. Epic, which produces the wildly popular game Fortnite, requested the documentation through a lawsuit.

The company is suing Apple over its policies for the App Store and the operations of it.

The court initially said that Epic wasn’t allowed to ask Apple for any more amplifying data “unless absolutely necessary.” Epic did file an additional request, though, that both Federighi and Cook provide a deposition for the lawsuit hearing.

Apple responded by saying that Cook could be available, but the company requested that the deposition be limited to four hours long. They also requested that Federighi be replaced by Erik Neuenschwander, who reports directly to the senior VP of software engineering.

Both requests were denied by the judge, though — for now. The judge said he can’t make a determination about the time for Cook’s deposition until Epic receives all the documents that they requested from Apple.

The replacement of employees was also denied. The judge said that if Epic is wrong about which person is more responsible over Apple’s iOS and App Store, then it’s on them — not on Apple to make that determination.

Expert declaration will be discussed during the next court filing deadline, which is currently set for January 6.

This legal dispute first began back in mid-August. It was then that Epic Games published a new version of their game Fortnite in the App Store. The controversy started, though, when Epic included an alternative payment system to the system Apple has integrated into its App Store.

Apple takes a 30% cut of every payment that’s made through any apps in iOS. That’s something that Epic Games was trying to work around, which apparently was in violation of Apple’s terms of use for developers.

Apple then removed Fortnite from the App Store, and Epic reacted by suing Apple. Apple then prevented Epic from creating any new apps for any of Apple’s platforms and from updating their current Fortnite app when they suspended the company’s developer account.

Apple tried to further sanction Epic by blocking the Unreal Engine from its platform. A judge ruled they couldn’t do that, though, because it would unfairly affect developers who use that engine but have no link at all to this particular dispute.

The tech giant says that Epic is in breach of contract as well as other counts. They are seeking restitution of any and all money that Epic collected through Fotnite using its payment system. Apple also seeks a permanent injunction that would bar external payment mechanisms from any apps that appear in the App Store.

The response the company made to the lawsuit says Apple was “blindsided” by Epic’s lawsuit, saying executives at the company “recognized and thanked Apple for its support and promotion of Fortnite events” that happened as recently as April of this year.